Hatfield Taxis Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why use a taxi service when travelling to the airport?

A: When you attempt to use other means of transportation, often you end up shuttling between methods of transportation, thus losing valuable time. In addition, you may end up paying separate fees for each leg of your travel. You may forget to calculate all the fees involved when transferring. With Hatfield Taxi Service, you will be taken from your front door directly to your destination, thus saving you time while not necessarily costing you much more than public transport..

Q: Can I Smoke In Your Taxi?

A: No

Q: Where Can You Take Me?

A: We can take you to any airport in the UK. With 40 airports to choose from, you don’t have to worry about whether we go there… just book your flight, then schedule airport transfer with us.

Q: Are You Insured?

A: Each driver is licenced and bonded. You have the ability to rate the driver after your trip, and we will make note of good and poor ratings when using that driver in the future. Additionally, vehicles are all insured.

Q: What Happens If My Flight Is Delayed?

A: Airport pickups allow for 45 minutes of waiting time. Your driver may arrive as early as he or she desires, but your waiting time starts from the scheduled time. One way to prevent additional delays such as for baggage handling is to schedule the taxi service comfortably after your scheduled arrival time. If your flight is genuinely delayed, your driver will be tracking it and will adjust pickup time accordingly. With communication, drivers may be able to wait beyond the waiting time window. Charges for excessive wait time are at the discretion of the driver.